On the status update from the beginning of April 2022 followed last night, on April 4, 2022, finally the long-awaited roadmap. On the official website Amazon Games and SmileGate tell us in detail on which innovations we can look forward to in April and May 2022 in Lost Ark. The focus should first be on “horizontal” innovations, so that sufficiently many Arkesia heroes can enter the final phase of the current end gam, before it goes right with the first Legion RAID.

This brings April 2022 for Lost Ark

Many players who have already gottied the Korean or Russian version of the online role-playing game are just looking forward to a schnitzel. The April should bring a fan darling among the classes of Lost Ark to Europe. There is also a new region and general updates:

  • Advanced martial artist class – the lance carrier : _ “The lance carrier practices an artful and deadly form of martial arts and takes their way through the battlefield by connecting attacks with their spear and their glue. The lance carrier has two different Skills, between which can be changed – focus and storm – where every posture and skill is performed by one of its two weapons. The shorter spear is used to unleash a mad bombardment in the storming, while the longer Gleve is graceful in focusing lethal strokes and powerful attacks are released. “_

Lost Ark: a fan darling in Korea and Russia: the lance carrier. Source: smilegate

  • New continent – Southern-vern : Southern Vern is next to Punika the second continent of class 3. You need an item level of at least 1.340 to tackle the new quests.

Lost Ark: Already soon it goes to Southern. Source: smilegate

  • There are new login rewards, in-game events, skins and shop updates planned.
  • There will be a Feiton PowerPass through which we receive equipment of the Item Level 960 to improve our new lance carrier or any other character of our choice!
  • Improved co-op group game for secret cards: All four members can submit a map to get rewards with a run.
  • The settings of the chat tabs are shared in the game compartment.
  • Improved settings for the coordination book: can use skill presets, Tripod level, skill runes, gems, set effects of objects, etc.!

That brings May 2022 for Lost Ark

In May, a new class should also come, but also various comfort improvements. In addition, new endgame content is planned. But that’s actually only if a majority of the community is ready for you. What the developers in any case want to prevent them: that players feel for it, as soon as possible boost their itemlevel (for example about real money investment), because they otherwise fall behind.

  • Advanced warrior class – the destroyer : _ “equipped with a variety of skills that focus on falling to the center of the fight, your hammer attacks are so catastrophic that destroyers can manipulate gravity after their will – they are manipulated Slow, sloven, push and pull opponents – whatever necessary to destroy them completely and without the touch of a doubt. “_

Lost Ark: The new class of the destroyer comes in May 2022. Source: SmileGate

Lost Ark Legion Raid - Viakiss Phase 1 - Destroyer Gameplay

  • Trial Guardian Raids : With this weekly challenge you expect three guards, each with another Itemlevel. Your object level will be adapted to the ITemlevel of the opponent. In addition, you will not be able to use the combat workshop in the RAID region. Greater rewards wave for it.
  • There will be a new menu over which you can check the participation in daily and weekly content.
  • Also planned: UI updates, enhancements in group search and group invitations, updates to the disassembly of prey, practical features for the market / auction house and a few fun functions, such as the possibility of arbitrary conception of preferred ribs, and new individual hairstyles!
  • Non-binding announcement – the new guard RAID Deskaluda : To counteract Deskaluda, a high item level (1415) is required. As with the other guard Raids you can try to defeat them alone, with a group or on match search with up to three other heroes.

Lost Ark: The Guardian Raid Deskaluda is intended for characters with an Itemlevel of 1,415. Source: smilegate

  • Non-binding announcement – Legions-Raid Valtan (normal and difficult) : With Valtan (see summons picture), the difficult Legion raids celebrate their premiere in the western version of Lost Ark (Buy Now 19.99 €).
    Since the Legion raids are sophisticated and requiring time, there are portals (or control points) that store the player’s progress during RAID.
    Valtan is a Legion raid for eight players and introduces a whole series of new mechanics.
    The participating players must have reached the item level 1415.
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