Elgato hcard revealed its new capture card: HD60 X . With it the company expects to bring players “avant-garde specifications” and full compatibility with the current generation of consoles. You can record without compromising any of the technologies that incorporates PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, including the game at 120 Hz, VRR, HDR and 4K.

HD60 X, the new Elgato capture card

The card is bcarded on the HD60 S + version of the same manufacturer, although with a different architecture. The connection ports are located at the back of the card. In this way you can hide the HDMI and USB-C cables from the view. You can record Sequences at 1080p to 60 FPS with activated HDR10 ; Instead, if you prefer to retransmit on YouTube or Twitch, you can do it at full HD quality at the same frame rate.

ELGATO HD60 X - The Capture Card for NEXT GEN Consoles!!!
Next to the card is included the 4K Capture Utility capture software, developed “tailored to the creators who seek to record without limitations”. You can choose to record the quality discussed in the previous paragraph or 4k 30 FPS, all this while maintaining the audio at 48 kHz. The program also automatically stores cache “several hours of play” so you can capture retroactively.

“The Game content that generate users is one of the largest entertainment vehicles in the world,” explains Julian Fest, Senior Vice President and Elgato General Director. “We are pioneers in the proliferation of these content for 10 years. Our game capture solutions cover three generations of consoles and have driven hundreds of millions of live charges and transmissions. Today we are excited to present another definitive capture solution for the lcardt generation of video game consoles. “

The HD60 X capture card is already available in the market at a recommended price of 199,99 euros . You can find it in specialized establishments and through the ELGATO website.