Discover all the pitches of the dice and scrolls of Mont Jabot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They are very important to increase your chance to acquire legendary weapons!

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands dice slots

To be the most effective possible we realized for you a complete map of Mont Jabot with visible properties locations. A number associated with them for you to discover in detail below in the article how to get them easily.

All dice positions

1 A first easy dice

From the entrance of the area after crossing the bridge you will find in a hollow of the rock on your left a die.

2 a first easy dice

Easily visible on the edge of a wooden pontoon is a new die.

3 The die of the house of frozen lake

At the top of a small platform on a frozen lake house is a die.

4 die of frozen pontoon

This die is obviously on a pontoon south of frozen lake.

5 The basement of the basement

In a house next to the parchment number 3 (see below) is an underground in which one is a die.

6 die of the cabin

In a wooden cabin is a fairly visible die from the outside.

7 die of the ice cave

In an ice cave whose entrance can be open with a body to body is a dice immediately on the right once returned.

8 an easily visible die

In a path to enter a cave to the east is an easily visible die on a wooden structure in height.


In an entrance that looks like a mine is a turnoffpter to its low glow on a wall on the right.

10 die castle

To reach this die, locate the structure that is on the image. Climbing will be easy and will allow you to reach this die easily.

11 The die of the Stone Promontory

Visible extremely easily on a stone structure is a dice that you can easily join.

12 die of the wooden cabin

This die is on a wooden cabin and is extremely simple to spot.

13 die from the airway

To reach this die, locate the scale on the image. Once up take a second ladder that makes you reach a bridge. Continue to the bottom of the bridge to jump over to a platform on your right.

Beware of the “air traps” that repel you down. They are present several times on the way.

14 An easy access

On a small platform away is an easy dow to get flushed.

15 a first easy dice

This die is in part of the map very easily identifiable which makes it easy to find.

16 the die to the small course

This die is at the top of a very easy access of wood asking for a triple jump.

17 the scale of scale

To reach this die, locate the scale on the image, it leads directly to it.

18 a die on the way

On your way towards the end of the area is on your right one dice not really hidden.

19 a last easy dice

Before reaching the distributors of the end of the area to your left is the last die hidden behind a hut.

All the parchments of the Freshness of Mont Jabot in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

1 parchment of the entrance

At the entrance of the area right to the right of the distributors is the first parchment.

2 parchment of the pontoon

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On a small pontoon on the left of the entrance of the area is a parchment that can not be missed.

3 parchment of the house

In the same house as the number 5 is on a table on the left a new parchment.

4 Parchment of the ladder

To reach this parchment Find this scale, it leads to it directly.

5 parchment on the way

On the way towards the end of the area is a parchment that is not really hidden.

Location of pearls and other points of interest of Mont Jabot

1 Pearl of the Village of Frozen Lake

On a small wooden platform of a frozen lake house is this first pearl.

2 pearl in height

On a height platform is the second pearl, it is not complex to reach.

Obelisk of the area

At the end of the frozen lake compared to the village is the obelisk of the area.

Challenge of the 3 Scrolls

To achieve this challenge you must raise this scale to find the altar of the 3 scrolls.

Activate it brings up platforms that you will have to find in a time allowed on pain of having to start all over again.

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