GuerriLla Games delivers patch 1.11 and 1.10 to “ Horizon Forbidden West “.

CHANGE these Settings RIGHT NOW! | Horizon Forbidden West
** Some defects are still in survey, such as the distribution of the graphic, but also in the survey, but as with the patch 1.09 delivered last time, the fix and improvement of this time is also quest world The number is for defects such as map items, equipment, and the number is huge (please check here for details).

Under such circumstances, Overseas Media Polygon is not described in this patch note, but “Collection Animation On / Off” has been reported. Collection Animation means that when picking up the image of the roadside in the field, the main character Aaroy is the effect of the operation of the operation. So far, each time you collect, you have to stop one side, for example, the tempo tend to be bad in the scene where you to pick up items continuously.

This new feature has improved the tempo described above, and the authors actually played, but certainly the item of the function is lined up on the menu screen, and if it is turned off, it runs off and runs off with a branch of a tree in a normal force. I was able to confirm the figure of the Mushiri Hoso Airloy. However, resource recovery from the defeated machine beast continues to operate by “button long press”.

“Horizon Forbidden West”, which makes user-friendly fine attentive attention to these settings, is being delivered for PS5 / PS4.