In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands there is a unique mode for Andima – Chaos Chamber. After completing the main history, this mode opens and is the best way to find legendary equipment and improvement for your character. Available Modes: Standard Start, Advanced Start, Favorite Start and Trial Chaos.

Standard Startup

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Chaos Chamber Guide | Everything You Need To Know About The End Game
The standard race is the usual race, which will hold you through meetings with three cameras, followed by a meeting with a mini-boss, similar to obeliski from the main campaign, three more cameras, and then the last random boss.

Extended Mileage

The advanced run has the same structure as the standard run, but longer. This allows you to deal with several bosses and collect more crystals.

Elected Embare

The elected race is always the same meetings and the final boss. Recommended passage will allow you to fight again with the final boss game.

Test chaos

The test chaos has the same structure as standard passage, except that it is the final test of your skills. Completion of the chaos test will increase your level of chaos. You can take the test chaos only at the highest level of chaos, so be prepared for testing.

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