The clarity of League of Legends is one of the great obsessions of Riot Games and the developer constantly works to improve champions and its effects to meet a high quality standard. The effort has not stopped over the past few years and the truth is that the improvements have been very considerable and there will even be some in the next 12.7 patch. However, there is an element that is still resisting the company and is the most difficult to solve every1. We talk about the invoker crack **, which has a design problem hated by the community.

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The rate of the crack of the invoker that should disappear

Although from the perspective of the League of Legends Chamber as soon as it is appreciated, many players already know that the loyalty crack is not a flat surface. The main map for normal items and qualifying modes has important unevenness in different jungle areas and on the river that connects the side streets with the center line. Far from being anecdotal, this element is one of the most problematic for the title and that cheats players making the performance of skills unpredictable .

A player wanted to show to what extent this situation is a problem with an example of the most revealing about this system. It shows as skills that seem not to connect do and those that seem to have failed actually can impact.

Although in the video we have one of the most obvious examples of how League of Legends can change a game, Gangplank’s barrels are not the only affected skill. Any spell extends its range when it is thrown uphill and there may even be inexplicable trajectory changes . A situation that Riot Games has not corrected since the last revision to the summaker’s crack that took place at the end of 2014 and of which the community has complained constantly the last eight years.

In fact, players have wondered why they do not decide to eliminate this problem. The truth is that League of Legends does not have any mechanics that takes into account the height at which it is in character , being only an aesthetic add that does not contribute anything more than problems to gameplay. It would not be a simple update and Riot Games does not appear to be in a hurry to renew the crack beyond adding new elements, although in the long term it would be one of the most grateful quality of life settings.

The design decisions of the invoker crack have also left the game without some interesting additives. For example, the Community raised the idea of creating a skill similar to the Q (BOMBRAK) of SIVIR that could be launched by bouncing on the wall. A situation that would be impossible due to strange design decisions regarding their walls. In the end, it is a inherited situation from the far past of League of Legends , when Riot Games did not have a “Top” development team or the future of the game was raised more than a decade away.