The league is as good as secured, yet the to-do list for Borussia Mönchengladbach’s new Spvgg Greuthers director Roland Virkus continues to be filled.

The 2-0 compulsory victory on Saturday at Ulticht Spvgg Greuther Fürth and a 11-point upholstery on relegation platz 16 will not be fooled that the season in the football Bundesliga ultimately one forgetting. How is it going for the foal eleven?

The boys will have to take responsibility

About a year after the famous Champions League season with the only in the second round, a rebuilding must be produced. Since 2019, the squad of Borussia has changed only punctually. “It is the big change before, but with significantly lower financial possibilities than in recent years,” said Cader Planner and Chef-Scout Steffen Korell last explained. “We will sell without being able to replace equivalent,” announced the 50th anniversary.

Vorstellung Roland Virkus als neuer Sportdirektor

It means: From summer, the boys on the Lower Rhine will have to take responsibility. The 20-year-old midfielder Manu Koné, who initiated the Fürther on Saturday the 1-0 by Marcus Thuram, could hatch in this role. The two defensive actors Luca network (18) and Joe Scally (19) are also among the hopes of hopes that are certified great development potential. But Virkus also knows that one is not competitive with an A-youth in the Bundesliga. Routinians like goalkeeper Yann Summer or national player Jonas Hofmann should be kept.

Coronabaded Borussia had not made the hoped-for transfers last summer. Speaked contract extensions with service providers failed. In winter, midfielder Denis Zakaria changed to Juventus Turin.

Umbruch at Gladbach will come

Other players could follow Swiss – such as the Trio Breel Embolo, Marcus Thuram and Alassane Pléa. The three strikers each have contracts up to 2023. With a sale this summer, a few million could be rinsed into the Gladbacher cash. Otherwise, the same scenario threatens like Matthias Ginter, who will leave the foal eleven after the season release. Where it pulls the 28-year-old is unclear. “I can not say anything new yet,” Ginter reported on Saturday.

A departure of Thuram was already planned last year. But the change to the Italian master Inter Milan burst – among other things because of the knee injury, which cost the French wide parts of the start of the season. Thuram experienced a career knick. Currently, his mold curve shows up again. Three goals in the last five games are likely to arouse internationally desires.

The upheaval at Borussia Mönchengladbach will come. But with what suits? Virkus had recently explained that it is about to bring realistic expectations for the fans. A Champions League season as 2020/21 will not automatically repeat yourself every year.