En Inferno Crozier of the Prelate is obtained by defeating the enemy prelates of the fire monks in Fort Leadd west of Volcano Manor.

Other alternatives for weapons in this category are:

  • Rotten GreaTaxe (get by defeating the red duelist near Ordina, Liturgical Town)

big spears


The spear to defeat the Lord of Blasphemy is perhaps the only good Great Spear weapon that scales outstanding with strength. It has a good reach and a rush damage that works well against armored enemies.

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UM To receive this weapon, you only need to complete the Volcano Manor Quest series and reach the Audience Pathway. The spear will be easily available as a drop in Rykards Arena.

There are many other power weapons in Elden Ring, which can be considered as the best, but that would normally mean that they would dive into a different statistic and would have to achieve secondary effects. Ashes of was also non-colossal weapons can be extremely good with the value scaling.

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