The large gap has received in Patch 2.6 entry Ingenhin Impact. However, you have to do some things before you can immerse yourself in the depths of the dark mines of the area. We from Meinmmo tell you what exactly you have to do for it.

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When will your quest needed free? In order to go down to the mines in the lower area of the large gap, your adventure level 28 must have reached.

Furthermore, you must have completed the architecture order “an ascending star” and the world order “Secret Mission to Resolve the Qixing Formation”.

Where can you find the world order? The world order is also located directly in the new area, which you can only accept since patch 2.6. Teleports to the Qingxu Tumel in Liyue and glides Gen West into the undiscovered area and runs to the NPC “Yuehui”, which is marked with a blue exclamation mark on the map.

If your problems have to find the NPC Yuehui, it can help Katheryn to address the adventure garde in Liyue before starting the main quest “unexpected reunion in the depths” in the large gap. She sends you to another NPC, which is clearly marked on the map. In the immediate vicinity is also Yuehui for the world order.

“Closing secret emission to the resolution of the Qixing formation”

If you have found the NPC Yuehui, you have to talk to “Xiqiong”, which is only a few meters away. She sends you to a construction worker camp, which is marked on the map. There you have to defeat some treasure robbers and take the lumenstone catalyst from the cottage.

Then you have to go back to Xiqiong, which commissioned you with a new quest: “Find a way to destroy the rock key”.

To complete the quest, you must first bring a larger stone column to the ground so that it shatters. This creates her by destroying the glowing rock. A small star-like crystal springs from the stone around you as soon as you collect him.

The crystal would you have to bring to the most nearby vessel. Then you can attack the vessel with normal attacks and it shoots a kind of geo-energy on the larger stone column that brings it to it. Pay attention to standing in the right position in front of the vessels, as you only shoot in the direction in which your beats are showing.

How does it continue? The first stone column was only a warm-up exercise. Afterwards you will be marked by 3 more columns on the map that you have to find out.

2 From the columns are relatively obviously on the map, while the rocking column in the north is slightly hidden in a cave. The cave is located directly under the huge geo-stone, which even triggers a dialogue with Paimon when you approach him.

What happens after the destruction of the stone columns? After destruction, you have to go back to Xiqiong and then start a new quest that calls “the beginning of exploration of the big gap”. A point is marked on the map that brings you to a wooden elevator.

If you rising on the elevator, you will be brought directly to the deep mines of the gap and can be explored from now on. If you also want to use the lumen stone to create light in the mines, you have to complete the subsequent world orders. But you can strip through the mines even without him.

What do you say about the area around the big gap? Do you like her and have you already explored or do not you like the setting there? How is your patch 2.6 so far? Write us in the comments.