Promise thing, something due: SNK has deployed the update for KOF XV that allows you to get their hands on Omega Rugal and this in a totally free way. The iconic boss of the saga (present in Kof ’94 and Kof ’95) makes his return after 27 years of absence and as much to tell you that the whole Kof community is excited to be able to chain the genocide cutter for good decide the juggia of his opponents. It is all the more satisfying that Omega Rugal returns with all his signature attacks, but also some new shots, like this light beam he comes out of his bionic eye. Thinking 1.19 GB, this update 1.20 also adds the “Boss Challenge” mode that requires ruggal beating while it is in Berserk mode. Some bugs have also been corrected as the patch indicates posted on the official website, such as the stopping of the Chrono during the climax fugs, the worries of sound, interface and some rebalances for characters like Shun’i, Dolores, Yashiro or still Athena.