Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi), has been conducted a new content update, including the introduction of the ‘Club System’ of ‘Com22’ (Company V22).

The Computa V22 is a new reality and casual game performance with a new reality that contains the 20-year development know-how of Com2us. It is a popular manipulation through the highest level of graphic quality, convenient operation through the high level of geographical and vertical play, and has been popular with many popularity since its launch.

The newly introduced ‘club system’ is a community content that allows users to enjoy the game, supporting smooth communication between the dedicated chat function through a dedicated chat function. Com2us is scheduled to provide a different fun with new content updates of club systems such as cooperative playback.

In addition, the “invitation code confrontation”, which can spread the opponent and real-time battle, also applied. By sending separate codes in the game to invite other users, you can play 24 hours a day without limitation.

In addition, achieving certain conditions through game progress, further sophisticated the achievements of the achievement system that provide compensation and increase the growth of growth.

Com2us has also provided a ‘Roulette Event’ that enhances the play fun of the compute V22 with this update. When you play various contents, such as ranking challenge, league mode, you can participate in three events every day, and various items such as advanced scout tickets are available daily when you play various contents such as ranking challenge, league mode.

More information on this update is available in the Computia V22 official community.