In recent months, news around the long-awaited serial adaptation of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece is a little more discreet. Despite the lack of crisp information to be put under the tooth, the show players maintain their media tour to promote the next HBO format, which often gives rise to cool responses from them. Recently, the Pedro Pascal actor, which embodies Joel Miller, spoke on his contact with the title of Naughty Dog.


A loyal Show to Naughty Dog’s video game?

As said above, the news around the The Last of US series is somewhat slowed down. It must be said that the first season composed of ten episodes is not yet quite ready and that it will be necessary for a good handful of months before hoping to watch it, because it will not be for this year. As for the next, it remains to be seen! Nevertheless, the project continues to grow as well as behind the camera , including new heads at the production of the show. And, mine of nothing, we begin to know it not bad about the HBO project: for example, we already know that the series will explore unpublished places , which should bring its lot of surprises, y included to those who know the game on the fingertips.

In this regard, there is one who has tried the title without ever seeing the end. Indeed, Pedro Pascal, one of the old stars of game of thrones and the current headline of the the mandalorian series on Disney +, sometimes has the tongue well hanged in interviews. The preceding time, he had spoken on the series by unveiling that interesting information but, recently, it was rather question of the Naughty Dog game during the traditional questions and answers sessions.

Take away from its character

Obviously, like any good actor, you have to know how to prepare his role: either by doing research or by viewing different excerpts or even playing as was the case for Pedro Pascal. For the HBO The Last of US series, the actor confessed to having borrowed the game from his nephew to discover the story, but also the character of Joel Miller to whom he lends his features. * Unfortunately, crossing the plot of the game has not been especially obvious for the actor, and he could not discover her as a whole: a lack of skill, according to him, but also a personal choice! *

It’s so sad, I have no skills. I tried, you know. And then it was only a matter of minutes before I have to put it back to my nephew. It really needs a specific skill, and I do not have it. – Pedro Pascal, Joel Miller’s interpreter in the series The Last of US of HBO

I found Joel so awesome – I found that the whole game was a visually impressive experience. And then I was afraid to want to imitate too much, which I think could be just in certain circumstances, then a mistake in others. – Pedro Pascal, Joel Miller’s interpreter in the series The Last of US of HBO

If it has only been part of it, it is not because it is not particularly talented, manpower, but because it did not want to be too close to the Troy Baker interpretation in video game . The actor therefore decided to put a “healthy distance” between the video version and his in order to affix his paw on the screen . The HBO show has the heavy task of being at the height of the original game but, to believe the actor Pedro Pascal, the series is on track for being!


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