The Xbox Game Pass, it’s a lot of entries, but also some outings every month. A logical back and forth to which we are used to, despite some bad news from time to time: today is the last game of the Yakuza franchise that would be concerned.


the dragon takes off

Ah, the Xbox Game Pass. Just for this first half of April, he knew how to treat all his subscribers with the massive arrival of hits of all kinds, of Life Is Strange: True Colors in Lost in Random by going through the all recent Point & Click Chinatown Detective Agency or the Star Wars Squadrons spacecraft game. Alas, who says new entries said new starts and when games are on the hot seat, Microsoft has a specific technique to convince you to buy them: a reduction on the blind, on the complete title or its DLC. ”

In this way, it is possible to play again via the Xbox Game Pass to make your hand in order to get you out of the blue card and buy it for good (to finish it quietly for example). And that’s exactly what is happening foryakuza like a dragon, whose DLC is offered to -10%. As a user reports, The promotion will end on April 26… and the Soft could therefore leave the catalog that day.

A title present from the beginning

In fact, it would not be amazing so much since it since Yakuza Like A Dragon is a game that was available in the Xbox Game Pass from the output of the Xbox Series X | S, making a direct asset for the owners of the machine . After a year and a half and loyal services, seeing it joining other horizons would be rather credible.

It is reminded that this very last chapter of the famous Yakuza franchise is a very good title, having taken the risky bias to opt for a whole new way – that of the rpg in turn – with a brand new hero – now Ichiban Kasuga – To refresh the series. The bet was succeeded since the adventure was very, very well received by the players as by the criticism, having welcomed a joli16 / 20.

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