At the beginning of the year, Hashino, producer of _ Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot _, insinuated that a new DLC could reach this title. 10 months of the last additional content for this game, there is still no official information. However, an insider has pointed out that the announcement will happen shortly.


Recently, the DBS Hype account, which has been responsible for sharing successful information about Dragon Ball in the past, said that Bandai Namco is nothing to reveal the room, and possible last, DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Together To this, it was insinuated that this content would be related to Bardock, Kakaroto’s father .

As you will remember, Barock starred his own OVA of _Dragon Ball Z, _ where Goku’s father discovers Freezer’s plans to destroy the Saiyajins, and tries to stop this event . Considering that the DLC of Trunks was also inspired by one of the most iconic films of anime, there is a possibility that this is repeated.

Sure, there is also the possibility that none of this happens. The content of Trunk was known as the last DLC for the game. We only have to wait and see if Bandai Namco has more content for _Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot _ . On related topics, here is the new advancement of the fight between Gas and Bardock. Similarly, a new advance of Dragon Ball Super emerges: Super Hero.

Editor’s note:

While Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has several problems, nobody can deny that this is a great anime fan service. In this way, having a new DLC focused on one of the most beloved stories by the public, makes sense, and it is something that I would like to see