When we talk about unusual moments in League of Legends, we always come to mind extremely difficult plays to do with complicated characters such as Akali, or some bug or failure that breaks completely (for good or badly depending on error ) Our experience playing a competitive game within the crack of the invoker. But it is not always like that, and on many occasions you do not need to be skillful to reach fame in Reddit.

I play Thresh but I actually 1 shot you with an auto attack (100% CRIT)

The game mode one for all has given more than one occasion terrifying and funny ideas to anyone who wanted to offer a new new experience to a particular champion. While we have seen any other Malphite based on critical attacks or a brand entirely focused on basic attacks, this time we will talk about a thresh that has its build more common at a level beyond : reach 530 armor points and be a practically invincible beast for the physical damage champions.

Such was the power of this champion that, in a play where he was totally alone and without help, he could end up with four ashes who did not stop doing it continuous harm. Keep in mind that the shooter has the maximum concentration that causes a huge DPS, and that even so hardly tickling a Thresh who with his Build pure tank next to his passive – condemnation has come to stacker more than 500 armor.

To this you have to add the shield that the Gargoyla offers, an object that makes it much more tank than usual and that with the received damage it makes a Titan with thirst for blood. The play would last long, enough so that the passive of the vest of Sarzas did the work of it and provoke the death of each and every one of them at the hands of the relentless jailer. It is not the first time we see a tank like that, but seeing him face four shooters at the same time always surprises.