He’s a bit of a bit run away, “The process has been taking for a long time for a long time. It was not the offer with which I said immediately: Yes, I’m doing!”, Says Robin Balters, 20, News still at the U 23 of the TSG Hoffenheim under contract. “In the meantime, there were narrower talks with six, seven universities. But I may have been looking for the optimum too long.” And then it came as it comes with the big puzzle game between colleges and scholarship candidates: offers were withdrawn, others accepted; Trainer decided to have options powdered.

Late opened for Balters as the contact with the Grand View University of Iowa’s capital of the Moines: “That was humanly convincing humanity. And the time was just there to decide,” says the keeper. Ultimately, he complements, simply playing many factors with pure. “What’s up with the budget, the coach is even fan of keetters, he wants to spend a lot of money?” Added to this was changed Corona rules, which said that current students are allowed to hang a fifth year. And one must always be concerned about: squares for goalkeepers are always limited. There is always one thing in the field.


Partial scholarship with coach job

When the Robin Balters was in search of protagonists at the beginning of the year, which he can accompany in their steps in the US College Soccer, the choice fell not without reason for Robin Balters. The keeper was one of the most promising candidates for which the Prosoc agency should organize the jump over the pond. Also at the show case, the annual prelude event, the 20-year-old Keeper of the TSG Hoffenheim fell on by his professional appearance. He was considered a promising candidate for a full fellowship, even there he has to make compromises: “It’s a partial scholarship, but they offered me to take a coaching job on site. How exactly what’s what the intensity is, I do not know yet Exactly, “he says.

Actually, the Sun Belt, that is, the southern, warm signs of the USA, his goal – now it has become the middle west. “I could not pay attention to the climatic man,” says Balters, who, of course, wants to enjoy the American Way of Life in his studies in the United States: “The city has 215.00 inhabitants, there will be something going on,” he says. Much more he does not know about the place where he will live when it runs smoothly, the coming years will live: “I do not even know exactly how the city is pronounced correctly,” he laughs.

For Sebastian Kork, which teaches with his agency Prosoc students like Balters to US colleges, the process of decision-making of his protease has not unknown to him. “He had really good deals, but the coaches had something to wait too long. If you do not listen to the agency, that can happen,” he says with a wink. But, the college expert, the Grand View in the Moines organized in the smaller Naia dressing, assures a sporty such as academically good university, “You can absolutely represent that. Many others would like to go to such a university. “

“All guys have their place”

Generally, with his this year’s vintage to college-interested, he was surprisingly fast by: “We have never been so early. All guys have found their place. Except for one, but we gave us even if he wants,” says Cart. Each player is an individual case, he emphasizes, whose agency only advises: “The players and their parents make the decision.”

It will sometimes forget, says Kork, that it goes for the universities for a lot of money – around a quarter of a million dollars are about fully fellowships hard, which include accommodation, food and tuition. Currently, for example, that is to feel the women’s vintage: “The universities’ funds are somewhat scarce. Many have also expanded their squad size with the same budget. So you have to get better households.” Next year, Kartst believes when the Corona bonus time is over, which the university has granted her students, the situation would normalize.

For Balters anyway, it will be serious this year. Authorities, paperwork – “Everything comes now,” he says. His agency help him, also he is in contact with the university. He then wants to take the step over the pond, also focus on the academic: firmly standing, what he will study there: the classic business administration, BWL, should be. At the beginning of August, when everything goes well, he will fly over. And the Adventure College Soccer can start.


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