In Ember Knights there is something to choose from. In addition to our favorites, we have advice on choosing relics, regardless of whether you buy them in the store or find in the room.

The best relics for choosing in Ember Knights

Let’s start with the best relics. They help you in battle and can be purchased at an early stage. Several other useful, but not everyone will be devoted to finding every relic, and many of them have a lot of gold in stores.

  • Conductor spike
    • There are many other lightning relics, but this is guaranteed to activate at the third impact on any enemy. Most other relics give a chance that it will ever happen. Go with guaranteed hit.

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* Toxic bracelet
* The first blow, which you apply the enemy gives him poison. This is a guaranteed damage, and sometimes it can be enough to completely destroy the enemy.

  • rejuvenation glove
    • Application of a critical strike makes you be treated. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of health restoration in the middle of the room.
    • If you have the opportunity to connect it with Ripe Bezina , you will be defeated. Ripe bezin increases your chance of a critical strike for three seconds after your healing.
  • poisonous necklace
    • A poison barrier surrounds you and infects your enemies. This is an excellent skill, regardless of your game style.

The topic is relics that help you regardless of what you do. In tempting to buy relics that can double the strength, but it is better to be renewed than then regret.

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You should avoid such relics, as lethargic decoction , stunning powder and yield braid . This is because they rely on the ability that causes a natural or status damage before they work, so they can be either useful or completely useless. Relics are the only ones that will work every time, therefore it makes sense to just focus on them.

You should also avoid such relics, as Shield Evilleys and Bastion . The point is not that they are useless or useless, but in the fact that they rely on what you will hurt. It is unreasonable to treat damage frivolidly, so make sure you use relics that will kill your enemies before they can harm you.

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