On the occasion of the European Championships of Europe 2022 which will be held this weekend in Germany, Game Freak regional everyone and distributes a strategic pokémon to everyone via mystery gift. Attention, the offer is very limited in time!


While waiting for the release of scarlet / purple Pokémon on Nintendo Switch, the adept players of small pocket monsters will be entitled to a little surprise to get under the tooth. Indeed, On the occasion of the International Championships of Europe 2022 This weekend, the developers announced a distribution via very limited mystery gift overlooking overlooking sword / shield .

From today and until Monday, April 25, you can recover a hydragon by connecting to the game . A direct tribute to Marco Silva , winner of the 2020 DESS Oceania Championships, since it returns directly the characteristics of his own hydragon used for this occasion . It is therefore rigid in nature and has prognathe talent, in addition to the Branchicrok, Ewing, Machog and Draco-load capabilities. By recovering this Pokémon, you can also discover that it is level 50 and holds a choosing tissue. For the most strategic of you, know that its IVs are set at 31 everywhere and are distributed as follows: 252 in attack and default. SPÉ, 0 for other stats **.

How to recover this strategic hydrator

To be able to add this Pokémon to your team, nothing more simple:

  • Connect your Nintendo Switch console to Internet
  • Launch your game Pokémon sword / shield
  • Open the main menu with the X button

*LIMITED TIME* New Mystery Gift out NOW in Pokemon Sword Shield! Code: EU1C2022G1FT
* Select “Mystery Gift” and then enter the code “EU1C2022G1FT”
* The gift is transferred to your game, the Pokemon will appear in your team or your Pokémon box
* Remember that this code is only valid until
Monday, April 25, 2022. **

Summary of the Pokémon Soluce Sword / Shield

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