Banks and savings banks increase their account fees. For this you need the consent of the customers. Banks are now trying to get new ways to consent.

Kassel / Dortmund – charges for banks and savings banks only reach when the customer has agreed to that. This was determined in a judgment of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). The consent of the customer must be done either in writing, by telephone or via online banking. But mostly banks do not reach all their customers. As the handelsblatt reports, within a few weeks between 75 and 90 percent of the customers of the fee increase.

Account fees rise: Customers of banks and savings banks have to agree

Since it was difficult to reach the missing customers, the savings bank now sets a new procedure: agree at the ATM. Among other things, the Berliner Sparkasse, the second largest savings bank in Germany, reports HNA.DE.

At ATMs of the Berliner Sparkasse, customers can therefore give their consent to the increase in the account fees. From July, the charges for checking accounts should be more expensive there. For savings banks and popular banks, there are also changes in online banking.

Higher fees for savings banks and banks: approval soon at the ATM possible

Who is at the Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin customer, can also agree on ATM. According to the handelsblattes, it goes to online banking customers who have not yet approved the fee increase.

Whether other savings banks and banks in Germany work with the ATM variant is unclear. At ATMs of Sparkassen there is something new: withdraw money now also goes contactless.

While Berliner Sparkasse points to the ATM variant on its homepage, such a thing can not be found on the homepage of the Kasseler Sparkasse. Since autumn 2021 there is already the option already, the banks would only have sent the general terms and conditions to their customers. Cooperative banks also offer the terms and conditions of ATMs.

Despite BGH verdict: Postbank customers automatically match the terms and conditions from May with account condition

According to the Handelsblatt, the IT service provider Financial Computer Science (FI) draws attention to another possibility for savings bank customers: it is also possible to print a form for consent at the account statement printer and to submit it in the store. Someworthy, Postbank deals with the lack of approval.

If you continue to use his Postbank account from 01.05.2022, according to the information of the handelsblattes the new Terms and Conditions. For this purpose, money lows among the vending machines, a transfer or a card payment. Actually, the BGH judgment presents that a silent agreement is no longer tolerated.

The judgment of April 2021 states that money houses need the explicit consent of their customers for changes to their terms and conditions. Previously, those who did not object to the changes in the terms and conditions, ie the price increases, did not agree in silence within two months. Since Postbank had increased its fees in recent years, the Federal Consumer Center had complained.

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