The MMORPG ‘MIM M: Vanguard & Bond’, which is a service and developed by Wyme MM, has entered the launch of the characteristics of the game,.

In the image introduced, the features of Mir M can be seen, and the characteristics of three characters, which will lead the game play, and the combat appearance of the implemented battle in the game.

One. Warrior

My Mir 5 na | MIR M Vanguard and Vagabond |
Mirri IP representative character ‘Warrior’ boasts the ability of powerful physical damage to the desktop. It is expected that it is expected to be awarded in a large-scale battle, such as a talented personality, such as a richest battle through a strong physical strength,

2. taoist

As ‘Tosa’ acquires the public, the more powerful, diverse debuff, and buff attacks, can fall into confusion in battle. In particular, it is not because it can be resurrected through the conference retraction and can be resurrected by massive combat situations. Save the feature in the previous “Legend of Legend of Mir” to perform the role of the pet, and attack the role of the tanker, or attack the dangerous space instead. It seems that the role of the Daeda in the battlefield is drawn to the simple healer and pulled out the fun of the play.

3. predicative

‘Body’ is a character that can be a powerful attack on the power of powerful elements. It is expected that the strength of various elements, such as ice and lightning, is expected to be attracted to the user who is visually a colorful skill element and a strong deal of the user.

The wemoids were a profession that three characters are in the nearby, medium-distance, and long distances, and in the battle of the grid format, the combination of three characters in the battle, introduced to the game of the game,.

On the other hand, WMADID has begun earlier in Mir M’s pre-reservation on the 21st. Dictionary reservations and details can be checked through brand sites, and MIL M’s advance reservation is governed by Google Play, App Store, Cacao Pre Reservation, Naver Pre Reservation, and brand site.