Behind the code name Project Q is Ubisoft’s new multiplayer game, which the company announces on Twitter. At the same time, there is also all -clear: NFTs are not planned. Already ironically when you consider that Ubisoft has tried to market NFTs as a good thing for gamers in the past few weeks and months.

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Project Q: No NFTS planned

After several leaks, it is now official: a new multiplayer game is under development at Ubisoft. This currently bears the code name Project Q.

The announcement also followed directly: Unlike their failed Hyper Scape, Project q should not become a Battle Royale . In addition, no NFTS are planned for the multiplayer game **.

Apparently Ubisoft finally understood that his players do not want NFTs. Nevertheless, it has a strange aftertaste to use the deletion of NFTS for PR purposes after being tuned in the past.

That is why this extra message has some of the announcement of Battlefield 5 , when EA and DICE promoted that Battlefield 5 will not have any loot boxes-after installing loot boxes in several games and titled them as “rather fun”. (Source: PCGamesn)

players remain unestredly

Under the corresponding tweet from Ubisoft, there are many players who remain unappimated with the announcement of Project Q. @Kressnik writes, for example:

“If you have to have two information follows your announcement that says that terrible ideas are not part of the game, you know that you have screwed it up as a company ** if everyone assumes that you would do it automatically. “(Source: Twitter)

Other users believe that Ubisoft will nevertheless incorporate NFTs into Project Q. @Bikinibodhi writes:

“Do you really believe that your fan base is so unsuspecting? Project Q (Uartz)?

In doing so, he refers to the NFT service quartz, which Ubisoft built in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. He also quotes a sentence from the announcement and conclusion:

“‘Having the experience truly!’ What only is an NFT key word that means a shit dirt?” (Source: Twitter)

In fact, Ubisoft only speaks of having no plans for NFTs. However, this is not a clear confirmation that they could not at some point could become part of Project Q .