The May PlayStation Plus selection is once again in line with the rumors previously reported.

The trio’s most famous game is probably undoubtedly Electronic Arts FIFA 22, which offers both PS4 and PS5 versions.
In addition, the start of the spring can be hidden behind the curtains with a cooperation adventure Tribes of Midgardin and Roguelike’s curs of the Dead Gods.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) May 2022 (PS+)
The PlayStation Plus selection will be exchanged on Tuesday, May 3.
All trailers can be shown at the end of the news, while more information can be read on the PlayStation Blog, here.
Below the entire trio with its platforms:
* Fifa 22 _ (ps4, ps5)
* _Tribes of midgard
(ps4, ps5)
* Cursse of the Dead Gods (PS4)