PS5 Pro is ???? & PS4 Documentary: How Sony Beat XBOX One - (SKizzle Reacts)
The Last of Us: Part II is officially Sony’s fastest sold exclusive PlayStation 4.

The sequel, which was published last week on June 19, has already achieved more than four million sales – and “from June 21”. And that is sold to customers and not delivered to business. To put this in the right light: God of War sold 3.1 million and Marvels Spider-Man sold 3.3 million within the same period.

Neil Druckmann, Vice President of the Studio and director of the game, says that he is “extremely grateful” for this early success. “We wanted to tell a new kind of history that deals with difficult topics and challenges them in an unexpected way,” he says in an explanation. “To hear how the experience of so many of them has found and to see what kind of thoughtful discussions they triggered was so incredible.”

The Last of Us 2 surpasses Spider-Mans’s record for sales on the start weekend and makes the game the fastest sold exclusive Playstation game ever. That is a performance. It is difficult to imagine that four million people beat in three days, but Sony has a lot in the pipeline that could question this record. Ghost of Tsushima may not sell so quickly, but Horizon Forbidden West and unannounced sequels like God of War 2 could give Ellie a run for her money.

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