Genda Gigo Entertainment Co., Ltd. announced on May 1 that it has merged with the consolidated subsidiary Treasure Island. It has been merged with Takarishima Co., Ltd. as an extinction company.


Genda Gigo Entertainment is a company that inherited the operation of Sega brand amusement facilities following 85.1 % of the parent company GENDA Co., Ltd. acquired 85.1 % of Sega Entertainment in 2020. On January 28 this year, all remaining shares owned by Sega were acquired. On January 31, this year, the company had all the stocks on Treasure Island.

Treasure Island is a company that operates the management of amusement facilities, planning and constructing operations, and operates a comprehensive operation of theme parks and complex amusement facilities. There are 24 stores, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and there are also stores in Hokkaido, Shizuoka and Osaka.

Regarding the merger of this absorption, Genda Gigo Entertainment says, “The 24 stores operated by Treasure Island will be united, and in more areas, we will be able to deliver our entertainment to our company. We will aim to create a more enjoyable amusement facility than ever by sharing the know -how cultivated by the two companies. “

Genda Gigo Entertainment operates about 200 entertainment facilities in Japan and overseas, and boasts the third largest business in Japan as an amusement facility operating company. At present, there are many amusement facilities that have a Sega brand, but the company plans to switch the name of the store from SEGA to GIGO sequentially. In this announcement, whether or not to change the name of the store on the Treasure Island that has been sucked together to GIGO has not been mentioned in this announcement.