Epic added another benchmark linked to Marvel to the game. This time, Black Panther is honored with a massive statue, a timely tribute to the death of Chadwick Boseman, the talented actor who gave life to the character in the universe Marvel cinematographic. Unfortunately, Boseman recently died after a long battle against cancer, making this new monument of the game a little a tearful.

You can find Panther’s Powl west of Misty Meadows, nestled on the hills right outside the city. Like Ant Manor, he seems to have been cut off from another world and deposited on the island. We have no idea who does this, although our suspicions tell us that Tony Stark has something to do with what’s going on.

If you visit the benchmark, there is currently a bug where it will not appear the first time you get there. All you have to do to correct the bug is to load it in another game and it should appear from this moment.

There are booty chests to find here and spawns on the ground, so you will not be left behind if you go there at the start of a match. You are also close to Misty Meadows, where you can finish looting, and right next to the Choppa laying in Lazy Lake for a quick outing if you want to go quickly to the card.