Schalke 04 has returned to the Bundesliga. A year after the crash, the old master found himself again.

At the top of the video die, Mike Büskens spoke from the Schalke resurrection when thousands dismantled the field in the royal blue jubilee. The joy -drunk fans crushed the lawn and dragged slats and posts away. In the middle of it roared by Simon Terodde with a blue and white scarf around the neck and beer bottle in the hand.

Schalke Realistic Rebuild | €200M In Debt! - FIFA 22 Career Mode

“We will talk about this in a decades, from this evening with this dramaturgy,” said Büskens with a hoarse voice and beer -soaked hair: “It was an incredible journey.”

The UFA Cup, who had won the UEFA Cup 25 years ago and had jumped in as an interim coach in the past two months, recalled after the decisive 3: 2 (0: 2) victory against FC St. Pauli of the brutal total crash A year ago: “That was really cruel. What was created in the twelve -fashioned months since then is simply sensational.”

The opposites could not have been more blatant: On the night of April 20, 2021, angry fans had chased the players around the Veltins Arena after the 0: 1 in Bielefeld and the fourth descent.

Schalke 04: Terodde howls like a castle dog

382 days later they roared the old master back to the Bundesliga after 0-2 deficit, danced the place, danced and sang together with the team around Record goalkeeper Terodde, who only howled like a castle dog and then roared like on Ballermann.

The greatest success was even for Schalke 04 extreme mood change. “We found our values again about the reset button we pressed,” emphasized the 54-year-old, “that’s why the motto for the future is that we will remain humble and not start to spin again.”

The Schalke managers transferred the press conference on the video disk an hour after the final whistle to calm the exuberant party in the ranks and the lawn a little. Because it threatened to get out of hand.

In the crowd in the north curve and trying to get over the ditch to the field, several fans injured themselves, who had to be first cared for and brought to hospitals. Already during the game, the stadium spokesman had repeatedly warned of a game of the game while burning pyrotechnics.

Schalke 04: Terodde prepares the stage

Schalke had saved Terodde once again. With his goal of the season 28 and 29, the second division record goal scorer equalized the quick gap and thus prepared the stage for the spectacular winning goal of substitute Rodrigo Zalazar.

His third Bundesliga promotion – after 2017 with VfB Stuttgart and in 2019 with 1. FC Köln – rummaged the 34 -year -old. He cried uninhibitedly for minutes. “These are the tears that just have to get out because it is so beautiful,” said sports director Rouven Schröder.

That was not only true for Terodde. “Everyone is drinking, some of the crying,” said team manager Gerald Asamoah from the cabin, “that’s part of it.” It was only the beginning of a long party night.

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Also for promotion coach Büskens, who knew how it would end shortly after the final whistle. “I hope my buddy Martin listens,” he called to the Sky microphone, “he is celebrating his birthday today, when I get there again for an abscess…”