For a home video as a roaring Rumpelstiltskin in front of your own television, coach Steffen Baumgart from 1. FC Köln does not want to give up again.

“I have not forbidden that the video goes online. But I have already made the decision that I don’t want to see something like this on the Internet again,” said the coach of 1. FC Köln to the “Spiegel”.

During Baumgart’s Corona Pause in February, a video of his daughter had caused a stir on the net, which shows the football teacher extremely emotionally in front of the TV during a Cologne game.

“These are emotions that I lived out in the situation. I don’t find that dramatic,” said the 50-year-old. Baumgart denied that he wanted to consciously promote his image with the video.

The former Bundesliga professional of football talks shows is annoyed on television. “I don’t learn anything. And I would not sit down in front of a camera and talk about colleagues and footballers, I knew everything better,” said Baumgart.

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He finds it problematic that many people debate decisions that have already been made, but few would dare to make decisions.

Baumgart shaped 1. FC Köln this season as a European Cup participant. Last year, the Cologne team had only escaped the descent into the 2nd division in the relegation.