Nexon will show ‘Dave the Diver’ as the first game of the sub -brand ‘Mint Rocket’. Mint Rocket is a brand that manages Nexon relatively small games with the goal of novelty and new challenges.

Hwang Jae -ho introduces ‘Dave the Diver’ as a hybrid marine adventure game. The game has a unique art style that combines pixels and 3D. It features a sense of space in the sea, a natural fish movement, and fun to hunt and capture through harpoon. In addition, there are various experiences and fun elements of the sea environment.

As a hybrid element, ‘Shop Management’, which cooks caught fish and covers funds, is introduced to adjust the salary of the game. There is also a lot of fun that the items acquired in the game disappear when they die. The fun of exploring the deep sea, the fun of working in a sushi restaurant, and the fun of hunting dangerous fish are combined.

Originally, ‘Dave the Diver’ was a game that Nexon released on a mobile platform during the 2018 G -Star. At that time, I attracted attention in collaboration with National Geographic. Since then, the news has been reported to be actually folded. The recently released ‘Dave the Diver’ has made a bold change. In order to showcase a variety of gameability, we have a beautiful farewell with National Geographic, and turned on mobile to PC and console platforms.

Hwang Jae -ho said, “If you make a game while consulting with the National Geographic, you have no choice but to make an artistic game and healing game.”. “I could not like the game’s gameability of fish for the National Geographic,” he added.

‘Dave the Diver’ is divided into blue hole exploration and sushi restaurant. The user can conduct Bluehole exploration up to two times during the day. The average play time is 15 minutes. At night, the sushi restaurant is collected by using fish and ingredients captured during the day. Upgrading your equipment and exploring deeper places by using the funds collected at the sushi restaurant. Fish and ingredients captured deep in the place can be sold at a higher price at sushi restaurants.

At the beginning of the blue hole, various real fish appear. In the depths, there are shipwrecks, fish records and giant squid bosses. In the deep sea, there is a light to explore it, where you can perform a mission to help the ancient fishermen. In addition, you can enjoy the contents by exploring various places such as fishing villages and confined warehouses.

‘Dave the Diver’ tries to capture the experience of the sea. Hwang Jae -ho introduced, “We have implemented the relics on the deep sea and the shipwreck.”

The ancient fish are the core of the Dave the Diver’s worldview. The main character, Dave, investigates the interior of the blue hole by the archaeologist Bacon. At this time, Dave finds out that the descendants of the ancient fish are still in the deep sea and their survival is threatened. Dave finds out that magma is rising due to the abnormal phenomenon of the earth’s core through the ancient fish, and the Bluehole abnormalities have occurred.

Director Hwang Jae -ho also expressed his feelings about working as a mint rocket. “I developed some small games before, but I had to follow all the existing development processes. It’s not bad, but it felt very busy,” he said. He added, “The mint rocket is free. I wanted to leave the management because it was not too touched, but it was not neglected.”

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As it is a marine game, fish diversity is important. ‘Dave the Diver’ has 200 kinds of fish. There are currently 10 weapons that can be used for exploration. Hwang Jae -ho also said that there may be fish and weapons after the launch.

‘Dave the Diver’ follows the console game sales grammar. Hwang Jae -ho said he will follow the creation of package game sales. He hoped that many users would enjoy enough at an appropriate price. “Once the game should be done well…” he said, “I want to do DLC if we have a chance to provide a better experience after the user enjoys enough.”

In communication with the user, Director Hwang Jae -ho predicted the use of Discord. Dave the Diver in the development stage was through internal workforce. Since then, Nexon plans to introduce ‘Dave the Diver’ to the user as an early access version and reflect the immediate response of the user. Hwang Jae -ho said, “Nexon didn’t do much in this direction, but I think I should go in this direction.”

Director Hwang Jae -ho has set a goal of sales of ‘Dave the Diver’ with 10 million. If we sell 1 million copies in Korea, we expect all members of Nexon.