Free exclusive skin is not something you get every day in Fortnite. Packs usually cost a few Euros, but that’s not the case with this Volcanic Assassin pack! You can get it free from the GeForce store on PC until June 19, 2022.

There is only one small requirement: you need to complete three in-game missions to unlock all the cosmetics in the pack. These are pretty long, too, so don’t belong to get started!

How to get the pack WITHOUT a PC?
If you don’t have access to a PC, you can get this package using a mobile phone (IOS or Android). To do this, follow the protocol below:
1. Download the GeForce Now app on your mobile.
2. Via GeForce Now, download and then launch Fortnite.
3. Go to the game store.
4. Buy the Volcanic Assassin pack (costs 0 USD)

How to acquire the pack on PC?
On PC, all you have to do is go to the in-game store and then find the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack. It costs 0 euros!
Click Buy to get it directly.

Once this maneuver is done, you will receive the Volcanic Assassin missions in your record.
List of missions to complete before June 19
Burn structures (100)
Survive storm phases (50)
Deal damage to opponents (2100)
This kind of opportunity only happens once or twice a season, tops. Don’t miss this chance to get some rare cosmetics for free! Especially if you are a collector!