During the Chinese stream dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Azur Lane, the developers presented the new roots of the Royal Fleet of Great Britain.

HMS Vanguard, the last battleship of the Royal Fleet, will become the star of the next major event Azur Lane. He will have the highest Ultra Rare rank, and commanders will be able to find it in a limited construction pool of events. The next update will be added to Azur Lane, first of all, five new girl ships, including HMS Vanguard. All of them will be based on the historical warships of the Royal Fleet of Great Britain.

  • HMS Vanguard – the last in the history of the battleship, built for the royal fleet.
  • HMS Indomitable – modified aircraft carrier of the Illustrious class.
  • HMS JERVIS – one of the two destroyers of class J that survived the Second World War, along with HMS Javelin.
  • HMS Revenge is a superdreadnuck that participated in both world wars.
  • HMS Bellona – a modified light cruiser of the DIDO class, which also served as the basis for its own subclass.


It was also said on Stream that HMS Unicorn will receive a new retrofit that will increase its class from Elite to Super Rare. Loli version of HMS Cheeshire will also be available in the framework of a separate event, taking place simultaneously with the aforementioned event.

In addition, the developers announced two new META girls who will soon appear in Azur Lane. Memphis Meta will be a new award for a seasonal mission in June-July 2022. Repulse Meta will replace SCHARNHORST META, whose period of the Showdown season ends on June 1, 2022.