Forgiveness? Conflict? Anyway, prepare and shoot!

Vicious criminals and victims and survivors of the crime. Legally, two beings are left in the same space. It is a ridiculous chemistry that they make something together. However, in this game, it was cruelly the team. Instead, the victims give a card that can condemn the criminals at any time.


This setting itself was very interesting. The title was quite unique. That was the first impression of the original sin. The title ‘Yuru Kill’ is a fairly unfamiliar compound word that combines Japanese forgiveness and English. And this title itself was the theme and material of the entire game. In addition, it was also interesting that the adventure was mixed with a minor genre called barrage shooting. I was also wondering how to melt the genre of shooting games. It was the opposite, not a shooting-based adventure.

Six criminals who committed a violent crime in prison and five victims of their incident. The violent crimes of the people who are imprisoned in the prison are those who have committed vicious murder that is hard to be forgiven socially. What is the prisoner of up to 999 years in prison and the lightest sentence of 18 years in prison for murder (one exception) and what is the victim?

The criminals are ‘sinners’ and the victims play the role of ‘executor’, experiencing the attraction of Yurukil Land. In the process, the risk burden is up to the sinners, and the executor may condemn the sinners by pressing the button at any time. It’s like playing with a person’s life… I learned that I shouldn’t do that. Anyway, a game is played with a lives where the sinner of the final winning team of Yuruquil Land is innocent and the executor can achieve one wish. The military dramas called ‘Original Sin Execution Yurukil’ were worth seeing, but it was quite disappointing.

Game Name : Operation Execution Play Yurukil
(Yurukill: The Caliation Games)
Genre Name : Adventure/barrage shooting
release date : 2022. 5. 5. 26.
Review : Official release (1.03) version


Service : Arc System Works
Platform : PS5, PS4, NS
Play : ps5


Vicious criminals and victims’ military dramas

The adventure part, which unveils the main story of the game, is in the form of a ‘room escape’ in a mystery format that combines puzzles. The tasks required by each attraction are carried out by sinners and executives, and they continue to move forward. The player who started the game listens to the charges of each sin, the current situation, and the event. The initial chapter is actually a preparation process to convey information before full-fledged story, and to get used to the game.

The reasoning process of the escape of the room is not as difficult as you think. Combining the clues that you get while investigating the room, and moving one step through it. However, the clues given are not used 100%. The player is given no impact or meaningless clues, so you need to tell your own stories and core.

In the process, the character’s character of the prisoners and executors is greatly revealed, and of course, the player focuses on this in the process of continuing the escape of ‘reason’. In addition, in the process of interrogating the sinners with the intention of the executor, they must focus on each keyword of dialogue, so they naturally focus on the story.

If you make the wrong choice in this process, the game over. Moreover, since the game itself starts with the prisoner’s point of view, we have to carefully identify the executor’s psychological state and notice. As a result, the game’s tempo, atmosphere, and flow itself are slow and urgent, rather than flows slowly, but close to the weight. This naturally focuses on figures and events and has the effect of examining it carefully.

The story revealed in the process of escaping the room through the options of the conversation and reasoning is quite worth seeing. The process of introducing the characters and illuminating events, and the process of gradually flowing into dramatic developments are smooth and the characters’ faces are revealed. The voice of the voice actors is quite good, so I felt that empathy is quite good.

The topic that Yuru Kill wants to point out is never socially light. Keywords, such as terrible crimes, the gaze of the perpetrators and the victims, forgiveness and condemnation (plural), have an attribute that can leave a meaningful and heavy message. That’s why you can approach a heavy and in-depth topic, but you can feel lighter than you think. The rather surprising part is the characters who are hardened as they approach the truth? On the contrary, I think this part is more correct if it is a winding topic.

It can be said that the topic that may be endlessly darkened is hopefully released, but it can be felt as a too obvious winding evil. Of course, there are no anti-war elements, but it’s not just a story that says, I knew it. As the puzzles of each event are matched, the suspicion and heart of the player gradually changes and confirms the changes in general mystery.

That’s why it can be a bit disappointing for mystery enthusiasts. It is not a difficult reasoning, and the pleasure and accomplishment that are well released through reasoning are less than expected. Still, I have a story that is not bad to see, so I think it’s a middle-aged location for users who have thought as a general text adventure, but it may be quite fun for users. It is not bad to see it casually.

As a game in the game, ‘barrage shooting’

The process of entering the shooting part itself is a persuasive part. The shooting battles on the Yuru Kill Fighter in the virtual reality communist called BR are the setting of the ‘shooting part’. In other words, it is a form of playing games in the game. The prisoners all claim their innocence, and must prove innocence by breaking the barrier mind wall and mind panel that embodies the barriers of the executor.

The identity of the shooting part, the name of ‘barrage shooting’, is a part that clearly reminds me of a barrage shooting that is sprinkled like a net. Instead, it does not require scoring avoidance technology that causes extreme risk, and the degree of defeating is finished by avoiding the burns and enemy movements that are literally sprinkled. Instead, the difficulty itself is not very difficult to catch it as normal. In particular, you can add up to three HPs in a shooting part through a specific gimmick.

First of all, the burden is greatly reduced because you can start with up to 20 HPs by answering some questions before the shooting part. Instead of focusing and distributing the main shots of basic attacks and optional devices, you can solve them while using hold shots that are slightly slowed down. If you attack or defeat your enemies, you will destroy the tier, and if you recover it, the gauge of ‘outburn’ is filled.

The operation of this outburns itself is one of the core of the Yurukkill Shooting Game Part. If the outburn gauge is more than 20%, ‘Outburn Balm’ will be automatically triggered when hit, and the lives will be extended once and the lives will be extended once. In addition, the attacks that consumed outburn gauge also have the effect of removing the attack position, so the survival itself is not difficult. If you are aiming for Nopy play, you need to use outburst shots for quite a while. The attack that passes the boss’s phase at once is also quite useful through the EX night that occurs at 100%.

Each of the aircraft appearing is in its own personality. Of course, depending on the stage, you need to use a specified gas, and you can get power capsules from the game to increase firepower, but there are no elements such as strengthening other gases. Literally, it is a process of defeating enemies in a specified spec.

There may be some irrationalities in the perfection of the barrage shooting, but I think the assortment itself is enough. The patterns and attacks of the bosses are quite appropriate, and the pattern and barrage tendency changes by phase, and the level of difficulty is good. Each gas is also clear about tactics and moving.

The level of difficulty is not difficult to have 20 HP. If HP is only one, you need to play carefully and carefully at the normal difficulty, so you need a lot of practice. In particular, each gas needs to be used to different movement speeds and cover range. The barrage in Hell, the highest difficulty mode, is often a ‘unpleasant level’ if you are a general gamer. Here, the pioneering and dealing time using the outburst chestnuts mentioned above and the dealing time are the key.

Of course, the shooting game was just said that it was a barrier shooting game, but it seemed to be so attractive. Since the actual release, the number of registered ranking scores has not been large and there are not many scores. The shooting part can be accepted as less attractive. There aren’t many users who enjoy ‘what do you see?’ Nevertheless, the shooting part itself has been set to melt in the concept of the game, and there is also an Easy mode for difficult users. I don’t think it’s enough to buy a game, but I don’t have enough charm to buy a game.

One thing that’s unfortunate is the Mind Phase, a phase conversion process for shooting. The mind phase feels like an OX of a simple option, and the tempo of this process is very slow and the direction is repeated. It’s only a bit of a change in the final match, so it’s actually boring even if you look at it a few times.

In addition, this process is a very important role and a key, so it’s a pity that only this repetitive and uniform production is continued. Depending on the situation, it seems to be a situation where you need to respond and respond in a hurry enough, but it still feels like choice. On the contrary, it would not have been much better if the tempo was organically controlled and some of the directing was added.

One problem is that the visibility of the bullet is not very good due to the numerous tier+subtly similar color background. Of course, there is a game that raises the difficulty through this, and it seems to be unpleasant. So in the end, the shooting part has to be focused on it, so there is quite a bit of fatigue. In that sense, if you control your breathing with dialogue and options, you might be an appropriate choice.

Adventure+Shooting Magazine, it’s worth seeing…

Personally, the most interesting part of the game was how to combine the two elements of shooting and adventure. In his own way, Yuru Kill has solved the combination of the two in a way that players are convinced, and continuously provides a mind phase that can be restored and reorganized during the shooting process.

In many ways, the gameplay itself feels that the gameplay itself is not a big burden. Rather, for those who broadcast, this method itself will be able to help you adjust and expect your broadcasting volume or tempo. As a result, two different genres of different genres played a role and successfully created a play called Yuru Kill.

The narrative of the adventure parts and stories in the form of a room escape to find clues is very good. The characters’ psychological descriptions and facial expressions can be seen in various sections, and the process of throwing appropriate questions to the players and solving them. The assistant OST is a good device that causes the game to flow bizarre or vice versa.