CSGO is the multiplayer shooter that could be said to have redefined online warfare. In multiplayer shooters, two teams are pitted against each other in a fast-paced and intense battle. The objective is simple: take out the other team. Players must use their quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills to take down their opponents.

The most popular multiplayer shooter right now is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this game, two teams of five players go up against each other in a fight to the death. The gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, and players must work together to win.

Other popular multiplayer shooters include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 1. These games also pit two teams against each other, but the gameplay is slightly different. In both of these games, players can choose to play in different classes, each with its unique abilities. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must carefully choose which class will help their team the most.

You’re sure to have a blast no matter which multiplayer shooter you play. These games are perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and working together as a team. So round up some friends and get ready for some intense competition.


Valorant is a competitive shooter from the developers of League of Legends, in the gameplay of which the mechanics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch are crossed. From the first got a modern setting and shooting, and from the second – a system of heroes with unique abilities. Just imagine a typical competitive 5v5 CS: GO match, but during a firefight, you can, for example, stun and throw enemies into the air with a special projectile or use a rocket launcher and deal damage in a large area. Or even use supernatural powers.
Valorant can be safely called the youngest game, similar to CS: GO, since it was released in 2020. And at the same time, she confidently holds a high bar in terms of online, and therefore if you want something new from the category of tactical shooters, feel free to download this game.


An MMOFPS game developed by the German company Crytek (the authors of Crysis) with the participation of several other internal studios and distributed on a free-to-play basis. The Warface setting represents the near future, where a large-scale confrontation between two military corporations has unfolded.
The game offers traditional team-based PvP modes and cooperative PvE missions where players need to work together against AI-controlled enemies. Also, in Warface, there are four playable classes, four hundred types of weapons, each with several additional modules available, and a huge variety of maps.


Free tactical online shooter from 1C Game Company studio.
Compared to Counter-Strike, Caliber is not as fast a game, but it is just as focused on teamwork and challenges players to take on different roles in a squad. As far as regimes are concerned, there is both cooperation and rivalry.


A futuristic free-to-play shooter set in the far future where two multinational corporations are fighting for resources. Ironsight features over a hundred customizable weapons, extensive customization options, 14 combat zones with multi-level terrain, destructibility, and numerous interactive objects.
But the main advantages of the game are beautiful modern graphics and hurricane-rich gameplay, which became possible thanks to the use of the Iron Engine. All sorts of drones and combat robots are also available in Ironsight.


A tactical multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft, which has appeared more than once in various thematic collections on our website and therefore should be familiar to you. One of the best games in the genre, where in addition to dynamic shootouts, the clever use of tactical equipment and the service of the environment is essential.
By the way, the environment is characterized by a high level of destructibility, which also affects the course of the confrontation between the assault squad and the defenders. The tactical depth, realism, wide selection of weapons and equipment, and emphasis on close teamwork have made Rainbow Six: Siege so popular.


Perhaps, in our top, this is the game most similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike, primarily due to the Source engine and the setting dedicated to the Iraqi war.
The main features of Insurgency are:
Hardcore battles (no HUD, death from multiple shots, realistic ballistics).
Support for up to 32 people.
Three dozen maps.
Several cooperative modes.
The ability to play with bots.


A multiplayer shooter from Offworld Industries, the gameplay of which is based on mass battles with vehicles and the ability to build fortifications, in which hundreds of players (50×50) can simultaneously participate.
The game has vast maps (so that there is room for vehicles to deploy) and a large selection of weapons. The squad can best be described as a mixture of Counter-Strike and Arma.


Another free multiplayer shooter about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists. In addition to being similar to CS: GO, Black Squad attracts attention with its super realistic graphics and excellent visual effects.
The main difference between Black Squad and other games similar to Counter-Strike is the abundance of “fair” content: all items (weapons and equipment) that affect the gameplay can be purchased for game currency. Only cosmetic effects can be purchased with real money.


Multiplayer shooter about the Second World War, offering a choice of several classes and an impressive number of maps and modes.
The game uses Source technology, and many will find it closer to Counter-Strike: Source than to GO. In any case, the shooter is excellent and worthy of a mention at the top.


Fast-paced multiplayer shooter with seven character classes, 80 weapons, ten maps, and four game modes to choose from.
Of course, there are also numerous weapon skins so beloved by the players and various cosmetic items for the character.


Free-to-play online shooter from Doobic Studios. The shooter offers several modes traditional for the genre (“One against all,” “Capture the flag,” “Destruction”), the action of which takes place on rather impressive maps. Combat Arms came out on PC in 2008 but is still quite popular, especially among free multiplayer games like CS: GO.
Also, the advantage of Combat Arms is a large arsenal of weapons (more than 300 types), a lot of items of equipment that affect not only the appearance but also the characteristics of a fighter and the presence of a clan system and several eSports leagues.


Dynamic and entertaining free shooter from BlackSpot Entertainment, in which the developers tried to introduce several innovative mechanics (psionic abilities, a very detailed character editor, and so on).
Despite this and the futuristic setting (near future, powerful corporations, secret human experiments, etc.), Line of Sight is a CS: GO-like game. There is a large selection of weapons to be upgraded and customized, several dozen maps, a clan system, detailed statistics, and several modes.


As the highlight of our selection, ZULA is a classic team-based first-person shooter, where it will be easier to shoot opponents than to complete the objective of the mode. The set of activities is standard – there is a team battle, a bomb, and a PUBG-style battle royale. It’s funny, but the bomb mode completely copies what is in CS: GO and with very similar maps.
Some skins drop out for donations, but we will emphasize their diversity – the guns change beyond recognition, and some, due to cosmetic customization, become similar to alien blasters. Keychains are also attached to the skins – references to various characters and universes ( Deadpool, Brian Griffin).


A heroic team shooter where your character will not be a nameless special forces fighter or a terrorist but one of 20 mercenaries with unique abilities. Having studied them, you will be able to turn the course of the match even in the most hopeless situations.
Nevertheless, the developers did not set aside the shooter mechanics. And on the contrary, they tried to bring their brainchild closer to the origins of this genre, so the possession of firearms comes to the fore, and you won’t be able to hold out for a long time with crooked hands.


If you put Standoff 2 next to CS: GO, then even gamers who have devoted more than a dozen hours to skirmishes are unlikely to find differences immediately – the games are identical in every parameter: weapons, skins, mods, maps, opposing sides. You can compete in amateur matches or try your hand at the rankings and move up the ranks.
But this clone is exceptionally high quality – the number of downloads exceeds 50 million, which makes the game the most popular mobile shooter and one of the most recognizable games on mobile platforms.


Another good copy of CS: GO, although the location design instead refers us to the previous parts of the series. You will become part of the never-ending fight between terrorists and special forces soldiers and show your ability to aim with your fingers on small maps, pursuing a specific goal of the match. You can stand out from your opponents by choosing skins for your guns, dropped from our favorite cases.


Another clone of our favorite shooter. The graphics here are better than those of competitors (although it’s better not to look at the grass textures). The gameplay is based on all the same solid 5v5 shootouts, modern weapons, loot boxes, and other familiar details. Although the maps are trying to seem authorial, they can easily guess the narrow streets of Italy and the sandy palace in Morocco. What can be hidden behind such an original name?


Over a hundred million gamers have been on the battlefields of Modern Strike, another shooter very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The authors do not hesitate to describe their brainchild as a mixture of CS and PUBG, wrapped in Call of Duty graphics. Still, we would approach the description more simply and honestly – just a good game with all recognizable mechanics that will help satisfy your thirst for competitive shootouts. If you connect to matches, there is no option in Global Offensive.


Special Forces Group 2 is more like Source than Global Offensive, but you understand that each iteration of Counter-Strike differs from the other only in a prettier picture. In addition to the classic modes, they offer the most popular zombie mode from Source and “Arms Race” and “Only sniper rifles,” which are well known from GO.


We are already running out of words to describe this game because the mobile clones of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are almost identical, and their differences lie only in modes and weapons. Critical Ops is also an excellent competitive shooter with attractive graphics, intense shootouts between terrorists and special forces, a rating system, and many other features inherent in the highlight of our selection. However, we do not recommend bad things.