Will Epic Games’ battle royale become a first-person shooter like CoD? That’s what data miners insinuate after discovering an experimental game mode at the developer. After Build Zero mode, what if Fortnite’s following significant change is the camera position? Epic Games’ battle royale has always existed as a third-person shooter, with the perspective behind the character you control. Still, according to well-known Dataminer Hypex, the developer is currently looking into first-person (FPS) gameplay.

Are you looking for space among the veterans?
The biggest shooter franchises use first-person perspective gameplay. This game mode gives the impression of embodying the character and accentuates the tension felt during the game. Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, to name just a few, rely heavily on a first-person approach that gives the game more immersion and jitters. Fortnite has been a little different with third-person, but things could change soon.

A challenge for the Fortnite ecosystem
Fortnite in FPS would be a daring challenge for the development teams. Epic Games’ game seems somehow incompatible with the first-person view, particularly in the way buildings are allowed. Visually, one of those first-person high-end building clashes can become mind-boggling. Also, Fortnite bases its economy on character skins, and the first-person view would make that aspect of the game invisible.

Anyway, this change (which, by the way, seems to be for a temporary mode) is not planned for the moment. The data miner Hypex reminds you that these are just the first steps of a project. The developer has, in theory, time to refine and polish the mechanics if it wants to release such a change.

A new season, new mechanics
Fortnite just received Chapter 3, Season 3, titled Na Vibe. The period includes changes to the map, Arsenal weapons, and gameplay with the introduction of Seeds of Reality. If you want to know everything differently, check out our particular article by clicking here.

Epic usually chooses the season of new seasons to introduce unexpected news, so we imagine that if this FPS mode is in development, it will arrive with a new season or even a new chapter.

In addition, we also imagine that the first-person perspective is intended for the mode in which there are no constructions, which would make much more sense than the exchanges with chaotic buildings that the game usually has. We can only wait for new leaks and official information, but what would you think of a Fortnite as an FPS?