The latest video of the VestGames-developed action strategy Evil has been released in GUERRILLA COLLECTIVE 3.5 broadcast on June 14, 2022, which conveys the latest information of the game.

This game is an online match multiplayer work with a third-person viewpoint that has the characteristic of the so-called wolf game.

Who is the liar murderer! ?

The stage is the village of Evil, which was once peaceful but killed.

Players aim to achieve different goals in this village of medieval fantasy, separating from villagers and criminals.

Victory conditions for villagers

The victory conditions of the villagers are execution of all the criminals involved in the murder. Using skills and items, using skills and items, gathering information from the killed ghosts, magic and poisoning such as curse to the opponent who seems to be a murderer, and discussions at meetings that are held every day. The murderer will be executed by voting.

The victory condition of the criminal

The victory condition of the criminal is the killing of all innocent villagers. While using a secret underground passage or avoiding traps with items purchased in the dark market, you can sneak into a villager’s house in the middle of the night, do not know who you are killing, or you do not know who you are using skills. Perform the murder after being in a state. If you are suspected of a murderer, you need to lie well to pursue or make innocent people into the culprit.

Latest Game Play Video Release

In the new video, the murder that occurs in the village and what each person can do is said to be possible from the mouth of the character of the tribe, which is considered a goblin.

Official release scheduled for 2022

According to the information revealed on June 4th, this work introduced a updated battle path, and a free course and a paid course that can only be obtained by additional cosmetics items will be provided. In addition to revising not only the appearance but also the structure that expands the strategic nature, it is a ghost unique quest setting and a sleeping survivor so that even if you are killed during the game. It has been reported that elements such as causing villagers, giving money, and recovering are prepared.

In addition, the official release is that the development team is satisfied with the quality, and the beta version held in the past has been successful and the development after receiving feedback has been good. In this work, the initially planned early access period will be set, and a direct 1.0 version will be released in the fall of 2022. Detailed schedules will be released within the next few weeks. In addition, it is planned to perform a new beta test before the release.

Eville, which is the hottest wolf game fan, will be officially released in the fall of 2022 for PCs. Click here for Steam page. Overseas sales of the console version are also planned.