Nonetheless, the ID card law plainly states that the deposit of German travel passes as well as identification cards as a pledge according to German legislation is inadmissible. Do not provide up a person as well as passport.

Oh and also then I would need an ID card as a deposit, states the nice lady and handed over the lent diving equipment. Not just in Germany, frequently also in prominent holiday nations, ID cards are requested as a deposit and also you don’t assume concerning it anymore, besides you don’t intend to anxiety as well as you obtain the ID.

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do not give an ID card as a deposit

All the same, individual or passport are not suitable as a deposit, since according to the legislation, both records are the residential or commercial property of the Federal Republic of Germany. Also as a result of the individual information kept in the chip of the ID card as well as the possible online usage, you ought to avoid giving your individual from your hand.


Specifically, if a policewoman asks regarding her ID, you need to show him and the civil slave can additionally take it or guarantee it. You do not have to leave the individual to the representative of diving devices or the receptionist in the resort.

For a very long time you do not need to check out in the ID card law, already in Section 1 (1) sentence 3: The ID-based proprietor ought to not be required to save the ID card or to provide the custodianship in otherwise. Crucial This does not put on authorities authorized to identify identification as well as in the cases of confiscation and also safeguarding.

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