In this guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • How you experience all the ends in Elden Ring
  • Which quests and tasks you have to do beforehand
  • How you activate the desired end


If you want to experience all the ends in Elden Ring, you have a lot in front of you. Most ends are associated with extensive quests. Small mistakes can lead to certain ends are blocked for the current game passage . In this guide we show you what to consider to unlock all ends in Elden Ring.

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How do I trigger the different ends in Elden Ring?

If you have met the requirements described in this guide for the different ends of Elden Ring, you have to choose the final boss fight against Radagon and the Eldenbiest (Guide). Then you have the opportunity to rest at a place of grace.

Then go to the split Marika. Depending on the end, you will either find a call sign on the way there or have to interact with the split Marika. In the second case, a selection menu appears and you can start the desired end.

Which ends of Elden Ring bring me a trophy?

Of the six ends in Elden Ring, only three of them bring you gold trophies . This includes the age of break (Elden-Dürst), the age of the stars and the gentleman of the frenzied flame. All other ends are variations of the Elden Fürst-End. In our trophy guide to Elden Ring you will find all other possible successes.

Elden Ring: All ends with trophy

Age of breaking

This end is the standard end of Elden Ring. You can achieve it by defeating the fragment carrier bosses proclaimed by Gideon. You don’t have to complete any of the side quests. The only requirement: You should not receive the frenzied flame of the three fingers in the cathedral of the lost.

Lord of the frenzied flame

Exactly this frenzied flame is the prerequisite for this end. After the victory over Godrick, the transplanted (Guide) at the transition between Limgrave and Liurnia and plays her quest. In the course of the story you hit the three fingers and receive the frenzied flame. However, you are at the same time disqualified for all other ends **.

Age of the stars

You will experience the age of the stars when you finish Rannis Quest (Guide). The moon princess equips you with a legendary weapon. To experience Ranni’s end, you have to activate the Blue call sign in front of the split Marika after winning over the Eldenbies.

Elden Ring: All ends without trophy

Age of dusk

The age of dusk is the first of three variations of the standard end. To do this, you have to complete Fias Quest (Guide). At the end you will receive the Heil Rune of Death Prince . If you wear them with you, if you interact with the split Marika after the final boss, you can choose the end.

blessing of despair

You only get the blessing of despair if you first conclude the quest of the dung eater. To do this, you have to find five curses of the seed bed and impose the disgusting NPC. This gives you the Heil Rune of the cruel males , with which you can choose the end of the split Marika.

Age of order

To experience the age of order, you have to complete Corhyn’s quest. You meet the monk when you enter the table round festival for the first time. In the course of the quest you will also deal with the NPC gold mask and get the Heilrune of the perfect order . So you can activate the end.

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