China’s leading game publisher X.D. Network (心 动 公, X.D.), who is familiar with the publisher of , said he wanted to leave China.

The co-founder of X.D. Hwang Yi-mok left an in-house notice that said, ‘You can move your residence abroad after the summer vacation next summer.’ X.D. has maintained a policy that transparently shares the important issues in-house, and as a result, all employees of X.D. have been shared. There is no information that reveals where Hwang Lee-mok will move the place of residence.

Hwang Lee-mok also said on his Twitter, We are planning to move abroad. The front blockade in Shanghai has been released, but citizens continue to live in a control environment. Hwang is posting on his Twitter with the Corona 19 blockade, or he can’t go to the beauty salon, so he cuts his son’s head directly, or the blockade is released, but the plant is dried up in the office.

X.D. is a game company that opened in Shanghai, China in 2009. In Korea, it is a familiar company with “ X.D. Global ”, which was in charge of publishing , , , and .

According to 2021, the CEO Hwang Lee-hoe is a code with $ 1.2 billion. It is not known whether Hwang suggests that the representative of the bruise is an immigration to transfer the nationality, or he wants to become a citizen and simply prepare a living abroad.

If the founding representative goes abroad, X.D. goes abroad?


As the representative who established the company said that he wanted to move the place, it is speculated that the industry can move the headquarters abroad in the industry.

When a user on Twitter asks if he wants to move the company, Hwang said, I want to live outside China because I think of my family and work. The business will take a bigger part for us.

Recently, Chinese developers are rapidly entering overseas expansion. Tencent has launched a level Infinite specialty brand, a foreign publishing brand, and Netize established ‘Sakura Studio’, a separate development organization in Japan in 2020, and signed Nagoshi Toshihiro of ‘ Hoyo Bus (Koo Miho) of Wonsin also established a new development headquarters in Montreal, saying, We will provide an immersive virtual world experience to players around the world.

The reasons for the overseas expansion of Chinese companies include limited corporate activities such as minor access restrictions and sluggish earnings. Tencent’s sales growth in the fourth quarter of last year was 8%year-on-year, the lowest since its listing in 2004. X.D. said in a 2021 business report that game business sales have decreased 13.8%.

On the other hand, X.D. Global, a publishing company under the X.D. Global, professed to establish a branch in Korea, and introduced that it has completed the internal process, but the establishment of a branch was not established. Currently, Korea Publishing is in charge of Hong Kong’s Phoenix Games, and X.D. Global is serving , , and without branch offices.

The industry has questioned whether X.D. Global has virtually abandoned the establishment of a Korean branch.