In the competitive world, either in sports or eSports, everyone has a nemesis, an opponent who always manages to overcome. Easily, with difficulty, successfully, at home, outdoors, it rains or snow, it is impossible to win. However, many times it happens that this enemy that you can never overcome finally falls in front of you. Yesterday, a Chinese team of the LPL ended up overcoming its curse; after 1936 days of failures, it finally won a fight against its greatest nemesis: Edg.

A statistical so differential that impacts

The team that can give a great sigh of relief is oh my God (OMG). The ninth best team of the current LPL season managed to defeat Edg (the World Champions) after exactly 1936 days without winning them. 1936 days is more than 46,000 hours, more than 63 months and more than 5 years. Tell how better it seems to you, but it was becoming very long. To finish this sad series, OMG has needed 3 games (2-1) and a Shyvanna in Top to win.

Historically, however, Edg retains a great advantage. There have been 31 confrontations with OMG in history with 25 victories, 3 draws and only 3 losses (2014, 2017 and 2022). You can hardly find such unfavorable statistics in the major leagues of today.

EDG and OMG, two historical structures of the LPL

Edg is a structure that necessarily speaks to League of Legends fans since Worlds won last year, defeating Dwg Kia in the grand finale. In his record he also won 1 MSI (2015) and 6 times the LPL. When you know the competitiveness of the Chinese league, this statistic obviously inspires respect. Present to the highest level since 2014, it is a mammoth of the scene as well as T1 in the LCK or FNATIC in the LEC (or LCS EU).

For its part, OMG has a less impressive history but it is also a classic of the competition. The structure has existed since 2012 and participated in the first Split of the LPL in history (spring of 2013). He had also won her by beating Positive Energy with a roster that belongs to another era: Gogoing, Lovelin, Cool, San and Bigpomelo . The purists will appreciate it, but these names surely do not have to tell you much. Since then, the water has run under the bridges and the team no longer belongs to the upper part of the classification, but by ending this unlikely series of defeats, OMG is taking a breath of fresh air.

Foto: Lol eSports