Something that is known very well, is that both Tiktok and Instagram , are two quite used social networks, which house millions of people and therefore many visits accumulate. However, it has also been commented that these can affect the mental health of its users, even a deep study has helped identify the problem.


As investigated by the Bankrate page, these two popular social networks among the masses are affecting happiness and at the same time, the finances of visitors who produce content or simply see it. This is directly linked to consume promoted products within the networks, because sometimes they can regret making the impulsive purchase.

It is said that 64% of the people who bought impulsively, have regretted spending the money within a few minutes, especially when they observe reviews of their products and these have negative points. Reaching the conclusion that they asked for something inferior to other brands, and this affects both the mind and the bank account.

Regarding the age of what is the greatest, we have as first place to generation Z, with 84%, followed by millennials with 77%. In third and fourth place are generation X and Baby Boomers, with 55% and 38%, respectively. And the first place has all the logic of the world, after all Tiktok emerged among the trends not many years ago.

It has been mentioned that social networks want to make their attempt to reduce these cases, but apparently they have not done too much, so depressive cases could increase.

Way: Bankrate