Pokémon franchise is known for its mechanics of battles and a set of text. There are many types of Pokemon with strong and weaknesses, which should be remembered, fighting with the enemy. One of the most infamous types that you might encounter is the type of dragon. Dragon Pokemon are often one of the most powerful Pokemon in each game, and this is probably true in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The weak and strengths of the Pokemon of the Dragon type

Players can use the following tables to find out how best to use or attack dragon-type Pokemon in battle.

table of dragon-type attacks

Dragon-type Pokemon are not very effective when using them against many other types, but they compensate for this with extremely powerful attacking movements.

The use of the attacking movements of the dragon type is very effective against other dragon Pokemon, but you should avoid them against steel and fabulous Pokemon.

Dragon type protection scheme

There are not many types of movements that are good against the dragon type of dragon type, which makes these powerful attacking even more difficult. You want to avoid use

Poemons players who want to fight with dragemons of the Dragon type will be best with Fairy-type Pokemon in their hand. This will give them an advantage, since the Fairy movements are not only super-effective against the dragon type of dragon type, the movement of the dragon type of type Pokemon will not have any effect against them.

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