In the trailer of Gotham Knights, the game apparently takes up after Arkham Knight (Spoilers), when Batman exploded the Batcave and also Wayne Mansion with himself and also Alfred inside after the globe has discovered truth identity of Batman. The evident distinctions in between completion of Arkham Knight as well as what we learn more about Gotham Knights is that a) Alfred lives as well as can be become aware of the Bat Family in the game video clip, b) Jim Gordon is dead, which ‘was not the situation at the end of Arkham Knight, and also C) Batgirl is not in a mobility device, what she had been throughout Arkham’s suits.


Gotham Knights is made by WB Montreal as well as Suicide Squad is made by Rocksteady, which made the 3 main Batman Arkham games. It turns out that Gotham Knights is not connected to them, which I incorrectly supposed that it was, but Suicide Squad is connected to Arkham Games.

In Arkham Knight, we see evidence of a larger world beyond Gotham via panels and also posters representing Metropolis (where suicide Squad is located), a building of Queen Industries as well as opponents mentioning This monster of Metropolis. Disregarding the reality that Deadshot is plainly a black man in the Team self-destruction trailer and also a white guy in Arkham City, Rocksteady confirmed that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a continuation of Arkhamverse.

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