Tenda announced on August 25 that the service of the iOS/Android card battle RPG Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown ~ will end on October 24, 2022, except for some platforms. did. The service started in December 2018, but it was a hidden title that could not be said to have a lot of players and official Twitter followers.

However, since the operation has been continued for three and a half years, and many specific characters are implemented in the cards discharged by gacha, There is a specific character oil king in the player. It was rumored that it was rumored, and it was a title that was talked about every time other social games ended.

Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown ~ is a card battle RPG that can relive the story of Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga Karakuri Circus. In addition to iOS/Android apps, it is distributed on many platforms such as Mobage, TSUTAYA online games, GREE, and Koropla. The game is a bit unsatisfactory, such as the lack of BGM and voices, and the production that captures the anime of the field. It seems that it did not seem to be very popular because of the simple construction reminiscent of the dawn of social games in the early 2010s.

However, on the other hand, Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown ~ has been breathing unexpectedly long. Recently, the continuation of operations for more than three and a half years since the start of service in December 2018 has become noticed on SNS, etc., and every time the service of various smartphones ends the service, Somehow survived the title. It was a hot topic.

It is a mystery that Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown ~, which is not so popular from the side, has been operating for three and a half years. Although the number of players in this work is not clear, the number of followers on the official Twitter is about 1,000 (at the time of writing), and some of them may have followed when they talked about. Given that, it seems that the title that many players is playing is not. Therefore, although the running cost of this work seems to be low, it is unlikely that monetization is established due to the number of billers.

The people who were watching the operation of this work came to imagine that there was an oil king in the player. The oil king here is not a person who actually runs the oil business, but a metaphorical expression. This is a usage that represents a high-priced charges in the billing title. The idea is that the title is being supported by a very large number of payers.

In this work, the game play part is sweet, but the gacha emission card is actually drawn down. However, the new cards drawn were biased toward a specific character. That is also one of the reasons that the Oil King’s theory has been sung. Specifically, in Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown-, there are a lot of fatima cards, a female character that appeared in the original Karakuri Circus. Therefore, it has been whispered that there may be a fatima oil king among the heavy payers. It seems that it is rumored that the end of the service is said to be except for some platforms because the platform is played by the oil king.

In any case, the service will end on October 24, except for some platforms, Karakuri Circus-LARMES D’UN Clown ~. It has not been revealed at this time which platform is the service that is developed on many platforms. It is a game that stirs imagination even when the service ends. If you are worried about the future of this work, please check the official Twitter etc.