Experimental Game Festival Out of Index 2022 (OOI) will be held in Seoul. The OOI Steering Committee is receiving an exhibition of OOI 2022 on the 25th.


OOI is an event created to inspire different inspiration, ideas, and experimental spirit to the game industry, which is easy to focus on popularity and profitability. We select the most experimental games among the worlds from all over the world and introduce them to developers and gamers.

OOI, which was held for the first time in 2014 and its eighth year this year, will be held as a festival where you can play the official selection of the year and play the selected games directly. OOI 2022 will be held in offline space in December of this year, following OOI 2021, which was only online with six official selections in 2020, which did not hold festivals due to the 19th defense situation.

The ‘experimental game’ pursued by OOI is a game that gives ‘innovative gameplay experience that has never been before.’ Any game that has never been before can be exhibited. For the ease of selection and presentation, only digital games can be exhibited.

OOI 2022 Exhibition is selected from the works received until September 30th. The selected game will have the opportunity to display and present works at the OOI 2022 (location undecided) festival scheduled for December. Other details can be found in OOI homepage .