Cyberpunk Tea Pot (or Teapotuberhacker, as the individual calls himself in the Forums), said, beyond the video clips, also to have the source code of the game and intend to work out an offer. During this, there was a great deal of complication and enjoyment regarding feasible sales from the swiped resource code and five-toothed amounts. We are separating for you all the case and reporting what took place thoroughly.

In an actual huge leakage, 90 gameplay video clips from a very early develop of the upcoming action video game GTA 6 were released at the weekend break. That’s not all. Throughout, a story created that sounds a little like a thriller as well as needs to be an actual headache for the programmers, also if Rock star currently introduced in an official declaration that the advancement of GTA 6 was not in danger.

Hacker intimidates Superstar and also Take-Two

The video clips show an unfinished and also extremely early develop of the game, which may more than a year old, but still some info can be taken out of the material that likewise covers with clues that showed up as reports in advancement. Right here is our recap:

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Cyberpunk intimidates Rock star and Take-Two: But not nearly enough. As the journalist and insider Tom Henderson reports in a Twitter thread, the Hacker Tea Pot after that tried to speak with Superstar and also Take-Two employees via Telegram and also e-mail. In an update of the message, Tea Pot mentions the opportunity of leaving source code and also possessions to GTA 5 as well as GTA 6.

What do you consider this whole tale? .

GTA 6 Mega-Leak rock star publishes declaration.

Here it goes to Superstar’s main statement: .

It is about: The said cyberpunk published the massive collection of gameplay videos in the evening from Saturday to Sunday in the Tantrums as well as currently suggested that more product could show up.


Telegram account most likely deleted: By the method, there was also a new development in regard to the cyberpunk’s actual telegram account. Tom Henderson supplemented in his Twitter string that the account was deleted, according to the unofficial records, given that the hacker’s house was blown up.

Henderson likewise shared an alleged telegram conversation in between Tea Pot as well as a person who invests itself as GTA 6 programmers. During the conversation, the cyberpunk once more mentions that they remain in belongings of the source code of the game. When asked concerning evidence, Tea Pot clarifies that the IT department could even examine the protocol data of the chopped interaction tool, i.e. understand whether something was downloaded by them.

Henderson additionally shared a claimed telegram discussion between Tea Pot and an individual that invests itself as GTA 6 developers. Probably a counterfeit: tea pot, however, states that it was not his wallet.

Probably a counterfeit: tea pot, however, states that it was not his purse. In enhancement, Twitter accounts appeared by individuals that incorrectly spent as a tea pot.

GTA 6: Rumors as well as Leakages for Release, Setup, Map & Co.

Cyberpunk threatens Superstar and Take-Two: But not sufficient. In an upgrade of the blog post, Tea Pot points out the opportunity of leaving source code as well as properties to GTA 5 and also GTA 6.

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All about, a tale established that appears a little like a thriller as well as should be an actual headache for the programmers, also if Rock star now revealed in a main declaration that the growth of GTA 6 was not in danger.

Tea Pot later mentions that the GTA 6 resource code is currently except sale, however the GTA 5 resource code and the original, uncompressed assets of GTA 6, i.e. textures, character designs and likewise sound documents. To do this, the cyberpunk warns to send a minimally five-digit deals.

Alleged settlement: Twitter user and also rock celebrity intel author Ben (@videotech_) then suggests that a six-figure sum was even called up for the resource code. The writer’s tweet was documented by as well as shows a deal in which an honored Bitcoin sum of the equivalent of around $100.556 changed hands.

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