whatsapp plans to offer some functions only in the future. Seems as if the developers were looking for new sources of income.

Dortmund-will that like the users? According to the verge, whatsapp plans to integrate paid functions into its app. In the future, Meta, as the operator of platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, will be more on the willingness of its users to pay money for certain functions. A department that looks around for the possibilities of monetization should already exist, reports giga.de.

WhatsApp soon for a fee: Other messengers are already making it before

According to the advertisement manager of Meta, John Herman, the company endeavors to convert the advertising business, the online portal continues. In the course of this, there are now plans at WhatsApp to ask users for the cash register.

Herman does not yet speak out what areas could be made into money, reports Merkur.de. For this he speaks for new types of products, functions and experiences, quotes giga.de the leader.

WhatsApp wants to imitate Telegram: competitor already demands around 5 euros

Other messengers have already jumped on the train. Telegram introduced its premium variant as a test. The costs are between 4.70 euros and 5.70 euros per month-depending on the country (more digital news at ).

The advantage for users: You can send significantly larger files and receive files can be downloaded more quickly. In addition, the user can convert voice messages into texts. On top of that, there are stickers, emojis and reaction functions. TikTok has already started a test run with paid subscriptions. Likewise, Twitter and Discord.

whatsapp plans to be a payment model-Meta sister Instagram also has plans

At META, too, it is confident that users are willing to pay for certain functions. In its business version, WhatsApp already calculates certain companies for sending messages to customers.

And Instagram also wants to follow this step and internally tests a kind of tip tool for the reels under the name Gifts, reports businessinsider.com. So that access to exclusive content as a subscription will be billed by many platforms in the future, according to the verge.

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