The MCU has been the gateway to Marvel world for many people. Not only have films become some of the most successful and important cultural products of recent years, but the characters we see on the screen have earned the hearts of many. This is the case of a model from the United States, who has decided to give a new life Black Widow.

Not long ago, Pamdroid18, a famous cosplayer in the world of anime, decided to recreate the iconic Black Widow suit that we saw in films like Iron Man 2 and _the Avengers, where Scarlett Johansson was in charge of this character.

As they could see, Pamdroid18’s work is first level. Although Black Widow seems that he will not have a role in the MCU after her participation in Avengers: Endgame and her own film, The legacy of this character continues alive , since Elena has become the Black Widow of the fourth phase. Not only have we seen this character in Hawkeye, but she also will have a role in THUNDERBOLTS.

In related issues, EA is already working on a new Iron Man game. Similarly, Argentine model gives Spider-Man.