An island souls are the second amount of collecting in lost Ark: there are 100 of them, which can be found on most islands in the game. The methods of collecting them are incredibly diverse. Some of them are as simple as the execution of several quests bring and deliver, while others follow a complex sequence of tasks ending with the need to maximize your relationship with the NPC. Here we will explain how to get the soul of Atlas island in Lost Ark.

Где находится потерянная душа острова Атлас Ковчега?

On the one hand, getting the Lost Ark atlas island soul is very simple. All you really need to do is buy it from the seller. However, where and when you can find a supplier, this is another question. How is not unimportant Cost 16,800 pirate coins . On the island of Atlas there are three sellers, each of which sells different items. You are looking for black marketer who also sells the rune whelm skill rune. When you find it in any of its locations (marked with red circles on the map above), he will always have an island soul, if you have not yet bought it, under special sales tab

However, there is no guarantee that the seller will be in one of these places. If this is not so, you may have to wait an hour so that they appear, but no longer. Be sure to check all three places with each visit.

Keep in mind : atlas is always turned on PVP-star . Fortunately, on most Lost ARK servers, not one of those games in which players are gang. It is likely that you can walk and not be attacked by other players, although there are pirate mobs that should be paid attention to. It is also worth noting that another of the merchants of the island’s black market is selling the sixth giant heart .

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