Publisher XD today announced the 2D robot action rogue light game 湮。 line (English title: Oblivion Override). The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

The Jing Line is an action game set in the world of robots. The title 湮 is read as Inlets. The stage is a distant future. The existence of mankind has already become a past, and in the ruins, the robots who have been bound by the Creator have built civilization. The battle robot crimson was exploring the deep part of the base DUNCE BASE. The purpose of the game is that he repeatedly explores the destroyed base and solves the secret of the mysterious Oblivion Code.

It is said that the gameplay of this work combines two elements of metroidvania horizontal scrolling action and rogue light. Looking at the trailer, high-speed and stylish combo actions are likely to be characterized. Weapons such as swords and axes have different characteristics and combat style. There seems to be an unusual weapon, such as a huge lollipop. Usually, huge, rolled candy will not look like battle. However, in the trailer, you can also see how you swing this lollipop and tossing the enemy. There is also a gap with the graphics with a dull color in the post-apocalypse style, and it looks quite surreal.


In addition, various actions such as aerial dash, two-stage jumps, and wall runs are also available. If you master it, you can play around the screen like a trailer. Also, while playing, it seems that the hero’s ability can be changed and upgraded on the spot. Depending on the combination of these weapons, actions, and skills, you can also attack combo that cuts multiple enemies together. It will be a game where you can enjoy a light action and a high-degree of build construction.

During the DUNCE VASE capture, you can talk to the protagonist with cooperating friends. A variety of faces seem to appear, such as a strange doctor, a cheerful repairer, and a cowboy full of wildness. They say they can hear stories about the lost secrets in the centuries. Is their story a clue to solve the mystery of Oblivion Code? In the published video, you can also see the appearance of an NPC with a large robot arm on the back. The unique character design is likely to be a feature of this work.

The Dear Line will be released for PC (Steam).