For a series that is mainly pranks and episodic mischief, Spy X Family houses a surprising amount of knowledge and construction of worlds. The different political factions, past government initiatives and organizations aimed at unbalanced the world play in the plot regularly, which means that it will need to know everything I can about them to keep up with history. However, it is easier to say it than to do it, and after listening to it for the first time, you are probably wondering: What is Project Apple in Spy X Family? ?

Fortunately, we have compiled this explanatory guide to help you catch up.

What was the Apple project in Spy X Family? Answered

For the most part, Project Apple is exactly as described in the manga and the Spy X Family anime.

While Estonian’s original regime was still in power, they financed a secret series of experiments with dogs and other animals. The ultimate goal of these experiments was to make these animals more intelligent, after which they could receive more complex orders and use for undercover military purposes.

However, these military purposes would have been unknown. The program turned out to be less than valuable, and the resulting experiments threw limited successes at best. Even then, scientists in charge of the program did not realize these successes, which turned out that animals like Bond were sent to the world despite having skills that exceeded their objectives.


As such, Project Apple falls in the field of events that pretend mainly to insinuate the past evils committed in the name of Estonia’s protection. It is currently unknown whether it will be more important or not as the story progresses.

Is the Apple project related to Anya’s telepathy in some way?

However, this said, there have been indications that Project Apple will end up being more important once other spin threads are resumed; Namely, the thread on the origins of Anya’s powers.

When they know for the first time, Anya comments that Bond’s ability to see the future looks a lot like his ability to read people’s minds. She does not pay much more attention after that, but this raises whether the person responsible for experimenting with Anya could be related or not to what she experienced with Bond.

However, this is still only a theory, and nothing has happened in the anime or in the manga to confirm or rebuke it. As such, we will be attentive to any new track or information that can help reach a firm response.

Hopefully this is clarified What is Project Apple in Spy X Family . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have a lot of other content related to the anime to examine, ranging from lists of the best fights and anime rivalries to the coverage of the latest most popular anime characters.

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