If you closely follow the international scene of Twitch , No doubt you’ve heard of Tyler1. Streamer is known for your temperament as well as your many exaggerated reactions during the transmission. This time his behavior has caused him a great consequence.

Accustomed to League of Legends online oadcasts, he started playing Overwatch 2 on October 13 , right after the release of the game in question. A few hours after starting its transmission, Tyler1 was banned from the Overwatch chat or silenced in English for 1812 days **. A sentence deserved according to him, who did not prevent her from screaming.

Tyler1 Overwatch 2 chat banned

It was during a transmission sponsored by Blizzard that Tyler1 became aware of his overwatch chat ban on the game lobby. Very surprised by this event, he explains yet saying that after being banned several times at LOL, he had migrated to Overwatch.

In the Blizzard game, he resorted to his flames T1, or total trolling in almost everyday language, that the company did not like . After spending 10 years in all his accounts, he was able to refute part of his chat ban. Although the circumstances of this eakdown are not clear, Mute would still apply to Overwatch 2 . Unfortunately for the streamer, was during its sponsored transmission that he realized this.


is deserved

After releasing a shock cry, Tyler1 said, Don’t worry, it’s deserved. No one knows exactly what the streamer has done to be banned from the chat for so long. Anyway, If even he admits that it was deserved , it must have been quite serious.

Tyler1 is assiduous in the banks and is in League of Legends, Riot production, which he has the largest number because of his excesses of anger during certain games. Anyway, the streamer can continue to progress in Overwatch 2 because * your ban is only chat. .